Babe Ruth’s Home Run Seasons

Gabrielle Galarowski
2 min readMar 2, 2021

Babe Ruth was known to be a powerhouse in Major League Baseball, when it came to hitting home runs. Like many players, in some seasons, he did poorly, while in other seasons, he would be breaking records. During Ruth’s time, he made a record that will last for a long time.

On the graph, Ruth was not strong at home runs in his first few seasons; his record was not that impressive as to what he will hit in a few years. He became good at hitting home runs because of his batting average; his average was above .300 during his peak seasons. In 1927, he broke his own record for the most home runs in a season.

The four years after he made a new home run record, he remained consistent with the number of home runs.

Consistently while Ruth started to hit a huge number of home runs while being a part of the New York Yankees. The attendance at the New York Yankees games started to increase drastically. The Yankees started to win more during the same time Ruth’s home runs increased.

However, in 1925, Ruth’s home runs decreased by one half of the previous season. At the same time, the Yankees’ attendance decreased drastically, and the Yankees started losing more games.

Ruth had a serious drinking and party issue that led him to have a disease requiring stomach surgery. But he did not stop gaining weight or stop partying. This probably played a key role in why he did worse this season and also started later compared to his teammates because of his surgery.

This, in turn, made Ruth want to be better the following season. This led him to make a record in beating his own record in 1927 and holding that record for 34 years.