Support Restaurants During COVID-19

Gabrielle Galarowski
2 min readMar 16, 2021

Several restaurants have been closing across the country. The pandemic has affected many businesses and people.

In Chicago, 65 restaurants closed due to the pandemic. They have been relying on people to start going to restaurants more or ordering takeout from their businesses. However, people are going out less to restaurants because of COVID-19, or they lost their jobs.

According to Pew Center Research, 25% of adults stated that they lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

More and more businesses are closing, over 163,000 businesses have gone out of business, and over 110,000 were restaurants that have gone out of business.

That is one of the main reasons that restaurants are going out of business.

The City of Chicago offers a program to help small businesses. The program is run by Small Business Advocacy. The program is called Neighborhood Business Development Centers Program (NBDC).

They have several programs where they collaborate with someone else.

If you want to help a restaurant just start ordering from the restaurant instead of delivery apps to prove more revenue. Because when people order from a delivery app, the app could take up to 30%.

Also, try to use more cash instead of credit cards because restaurants have to pay two percent to the credit card companies.

Check the infographic out to learn more.

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